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Agra Police implements online system to curb evidence tampering, theft

A new digital initiative called ‘e-Malkhana’ was implemented in the malkhanas (evidence room) at 25 police stations in Agra, in an effort to curb the frequent cases of evidence tampering and theft.

This comes after several incidents, including the theft of Rs 25 lakh and the disappearance of confiscated drugs, came to the fore.

According to a police official, every police station has an evidence room where items such as recovered goods, weapons and evidence from criminals are stored.

The lack of secure storage often leads to difficulties when presenting evidence in court and has resulted in numerous cases of theft.


The e-Malkhana software will connect all police stations in Agra, assigning a unique ID to each piece of evidence, thereby ensuring their safety. Moreover, the app has been installed on the mobiles of cops, providing them with complete details of the items stored.

Commenting on the initiative, the Agra Police Commissioner stated that with the implementation of this software, police officers would be able to track the location of the evidence with a single click and know the date of its production in court.

He further said that there are more than 40 police stations in Agra, out of which, 25 have already taken the new initiative.

The system would soon be implemented in the rest of the police stations, the commissioner said.

Published On:

Aug 30, 2023

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