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If you are creative and love to make video content, you should use YouTube. YouTube can make you very famous. It can also bring money. The video content and the audience can together make you very popular. YouTube has more than two million users. They watch YouTube every month. It means that they have many viewers. These viewers can also help the content creators.

If you have more viewers, you can have more audiences become popular. It will help you get more money also. You cannot rely completely on the real views. You will have to wait for them for a long time. For easy gain and popularity, you can choose to buy the views. If you are a YouTuber and want to be famous in not weeks or months but days, then it is better to buy the views. It is not even difficult.

Buying views is helpful, but only if you can do it properly. You have to be very careful in choosing the site from where you want to get the views. The site has to be reliable, with several users and many real-time views available. They should be expert in Youtube services so if you have to buy real youtube subscribers in future, they won’t disappoint.

 You will find many sites when searching for a good site. They all say they are good. If you want to buy views for your channel, we have found three sites in this article.

According to our in-depth research of the top sites and service providers, the best place to buy YouTube views is https://www.buyrealfollows.com/. They have been providing views for ten years and are giving the YouTubers great views at very low prices.

Why Buy YouTube Views?

Here are some of the uses of getting YouTube views for your channel.

 Becoming more popular: If you have more views, it makes your content impressive to others, and they visit it after judging your popularity through the views appearing.

Appears in Top Result: Once you get more views than other videos, you will start appearing among the top creations of YouTube. It will be easy to find you and your channel.

Social proof – A higher view count makes a video look more popular and enticing to click for users browsing content.

Retaining the Audience: More views are according to the algorithms of YouTube and will repeatedly bring the audience back to your channel.

Faster growth – Unlike the organic views that take time to come, these views increase the speed of your progress.

Earning through YouTube: After getting 4,000 views, you can start earning from YouTube. Therefore, it is essential to get more views.

Increases the Authority: More views mean that people trust you and your content, which is also popular.

Getting views is easy, but you have to be sensible enough while getting the views. Search, plan, and then get the views. In this way, you can have more viewers for the video, and you can have a successful channel.

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Views

If you want more audience, better results, and good income, try getting views from the following sites. They are surely going to help you out.

  • Buyrealfollows.com
  • https://quickfollower.com/
  • https://followcube.com

Our Top Pick: BuyRealFollows.com

BuyRealFollows is the best site to buy real instagram followers and subsequent services. There are many reasons which make it famous.

Reliable Views

BuyRealFollows does not use any bots or AI to give you views. The views are not from one country or region. They give views from different parts of the world, which makes the content more popular.

Safe Delivery

You will get the views slowly. They do not come at once. This makes sure that you have organic views and not fake ones. The pattern of getting the views is natural. BuyRealFollows can give more than 500,000 views.

Affordable Pricing

You can get the views starting from just $4 per 1000 views. BuyRealFollows give good views but have low rates.

Reliable Service

BuyRealFollows is giving views for a long time now. They have become very famous. They send the views in a short time. You can get views from any country in 24 to 72 hours.

Happy Customers

BuyFollowReviews has 20,000 reviews and an A+ BBB rating. It shows people trust it.

Buyrealfollows Features

BuyRealFollows has many features. They make it just the best option to get the right views. Some features are:

Quick Delivery: You can get the orders in 24 to 72 hours. If you don’t like waiting, this site is really good.

Best Views: Do not worry about the number of views. You will get the same number of views that you have ordered.

Safe and Confidential: Your information is completely safe here. Don’t think about the privacy and safety of the data.

No Passwords Necessary: The site does not ask for any passwords. You have to enter the email only.

Round-the-Clock Support: You can get help from the support team whenever you like.

Buyrealfollows makes sure that the process of buying the views remains easy for everyone. You can get the views without extra effort. On the other hand, the support center is available with its help that you can ask for whenever you need it.

Buyrealfollows Products and Pricing

BuyRealFollows provides packages for purchasing YouTube views starting at just $7. Offerings and rates include:

  • $7 for 1,000 views
  • $29 for 5,000 views
  • $55 for 10,000 views
  • $125 for 25,000 views
  • $229 for 50,000 views
  • $429 for 100,000 views
  • $999 for 250,000 views
  • $1,899 for 500,000 views
  • $3,599 for 1,000,000 views

Larger view orders have lower per-view costs. Bulk purchases are very cost-effective for primary view goals.

Buyrealfollows Payment Options

BuyRealFollows presents various secure payment methods, such as:

  • Mastercard
  • American Express credit cards
  • Discover and JCB credit cards
  • Bitcoin cryptocurrency

Buyrealfollows Global Coverage

BuyRealFollows supplies views from worldwide sources. When ordering, specific countries and regions can be chosen as view sources, including:

  • Philippines
  • South Africa
  • Morocco
  • Turkey
  • Greece

Targeting views by geography ensures relevance for content and viewers.

The Pros

  • The views from Buyrealfollows make your channel popular. The results are clear in just a few days.
  • The popularity is just like the organic popularity, which is due to the real views from the actual visitors of the channel.
  • You can make your channel more engaging with the views from Buyrealfollows.
  • There is no need to worry about the results as you will get the views in very less time.
  • It is an economical way of getting the views.

The Cons

  • Due to strict YouTube rules and regulations, you may face some problems.
  • Some risk is always there.
  • Deals from Buyrealfollows are expensive.

What Users Say?

BuyRealFollows is popular for giving real views based on the real-time audience. Many users like it a lot. The positive reviews of the users show that many YouTubers are happy with their views. This is due to the high quality of the views from BuyRealFollows.

If you want to get the views from BuyRealFollows, it is better to read the reviews from different users. As there are several positive reviews, it is clear that you can trust this service. There is a lot of positive feedback, so you can think of buying the views from here.

What makes www.buyrealfollows.com the best site for getting YouTube views?

Why is www.buyrealfollows.com very popular? YouTubers like it very much. It is because of many reasons like the following:

It is not just a website but a great help for everyone. If you are not progressing on your YouTube, why wait long when you have BuyRealFollows?They know the kind of views you need, so they will give you the best views to move ahead.

The data is safe due to 256-bit encryption. Don’t worry about the personal data. Everything is private and completely safe.

Thus, BuyRealFollows is the best option to get the views.

Other Top Sites for Buying YouTube Views

Besides BuyRealFollows, other options other options are as follows:


QuickFollower also provides views for YouTube. It has many views for every YouTuber who wants to become popular.

Quickfollower Offerings            

Quickfollower has three packages:

·         Starter Bundles: Priced at $5-$99 for 1,000-25,000 views.

·         Intermediate Bundles: $199-$699 for 50,000-200,000 views.

·         Advanced Bundles: $1,599-$7,999 for larger view amounts.

It is good for those YouTubers who have very little money. 

Quickfollower Features

 It gives views according to the YouTubers, and it has a money-back guarantee, which makes it popular.

Additional features:

  • Gives good quality views.
  • You may expect videos getting popular.
  • You will get views in 4-5 days.
  • No need to pay the fees again and again.
  • It has views for other social networks, too.
  • You can buy using custom packages. 

Followcube Overview

Followcube is the last one in our list. It is not very expensive. It offers SMM services also with the best SMM panel. You can get the right views that can make things good for me, and you can progress further. If you want to buy the views, you can pay using PayPal, Bitcoin, Mastercard, VISA, and more.

YouTube View Buying Step-by-Step

 Do you want to buy YouTube views? Here is what you have to do.

Step 1: Learn about all the sites and then find something reliable like BuyRealFollows are recommended.

Step 2: Find the package that suits your pocket the most. Usually, the options are from 500 to 50,000+ views.

Step 3: Make the payment with PayPal, cards, etc.

Step 4: Add your link/channel URL for delivery.

Step 5: You will start getting the views slowly. It can be from 24 to 72 hours generally.

Step 6: Go to the dashboard to see the views.

Step 7: Make more orders after you are happy with the previous order.

YouTube View Buying Pros and Cons


  • Videos become famous easily.
  • You can have real Youtube likes, Views and subscribers
  • Chances to make money increase.
  • It is not сostly. 
  • It is not а long рroсess.
  • Views аre from different раrts of the worlԁ.  


  • YouTube will bаn you.
  •  There аre unreliаble sites too.
  • Sometimes views сome аfter long times.
  •  It does not help in content improvement. 


Reаl views help the YouTubers, but it takes too long. If аny one wаnts to be рoрulаr then it will tаke аlot of time. It is easy to get views from sites. The YouTubers who get views from sites like BuyReаlFollows beсome рoрulаr eаsily. Buyreаlfollows has been mentioned by outlookinԁiа as the best site to buy YouTube views. It hаs eаsy расkаges whiсh are not too expensive. They саn stаrt from $7 аnԁ you саn get what you like. Henсe, it is easy to get views for your сhаnnel. Just remember that you have to be very саreful аbout the site. It should be reliаble enough. After getting the views you will finԁ the ԁifferenсe аnԁ you will become рoрulаr soon.   When you get the views, mаke sure you get them from а reliаble site. You will find the ԁifferenсe very soon. More аuԁienсe will сome to your site. Thus, you will be рoрulаr on YouTube soon. 


Is buying YouTube views sаfe?

If you аre getting views from а reрutаble site, then there is no need to worry. It is better to seаrсh well аnԁ stаy аwаy from fаke ones. It is better to go to BuyReаlFollows to get the views if you do not want to get sсаmmeԁ. 

Does buying views work for rаnking viԁeos?

If you buy more views, you саn get more аuԁienсe. It will mаke you аnԁ your viԁeos рoрulаr. More views tell other viewers thаt mаny рeoрle аre interesteԁ in your viԁeos. It is а sign thаt you аre mаking gooԁ viԁeos for everyone. If you stаrt buying the viԁeos, it meаns you аre stаrting to beсome рoрulаr in the worlԁ of YouTube. 

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