G20 Leaders Gifted Nilgiri Tea, Araku Coffee. Anand Mahindra Approves

G20 Leaders Gifted Nilgiri Tea, Araku Coffee. Anand Mahindra Approves

The gift hamper given to G20 leaders featured these items. Photo: ANI

The two day G20 summit was held in New Delhi from September 9-10. Dignitaries and leaders from member countries attended the summit and also got to experience some of the cultural performances and amazing food that the country has to offer. Apart from all that they experienced in the two-day summit, the world leaders also got to take some amazing gifts back to their home countries. As per ANI, the Government of India presented special gift hampers to the G20 Heads of States and leaders representing their countries. Take a look:

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“It comprised of a curated compilation of handcrafted artefacts and products, which speak volumes about Bharat’s rich cultural traditions,” read the post by ANI. Among the gift items in the hamper were items like special Kashmiri saffron, Mangrove honey from the Sunderbans, special Ittr and a Pashmina shawl. The leaders were also given Pekoe Darjeeling and Nilgiri Tea, known as ‘the Champagne’ of teas. The signature Araku coffee was also part of the hamper given to G20 dignitaries and leaders. 

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“Araku Coffee is the world’s first terroir-mapped coffee, grown on organic plantations in the Araku Valley of Andhra Pradesh. These coffee beans bear the essence of the valley’s rich soil and temperate climate. Pure Arabica with a rare aromatic profile, Araku Coffee is known for its unique texture and a symphony of flavours that makes for a smooth, well-balanced cup,” read the post by ANI.

Meanwhile, industrialist Anand Mahindra approved of the inclusion of Araku coffee in the hamper. “As the Chairman of the Board of Araku Originals, I can’t argue with this choice of gift! It just makes me very, very proud. Araku Coffee is the perfect example of ‘The best in the World, Grown in India,” he wrote in his post. Take a look:

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