It supports fan, TV, Mobile Charging; Price And Details Inside

Portable Generator: The Problem of electricity is quite obvious in India. We all face power cuts many times a day. In such a situation, most of us think of arranging an inverter, But, it is quite expensive. No worry, Today we are going to tell you about a cheap generator that anyone can buy.  

It supports Television

Most importantly, It supports television, fans, bulbs, and everything. The name of the product is ‘SR Portable Solar Generator’.The Generator is available online. As it is a portable device, it can be taken from one place to another easily.

The Generator is equal to the size of a small battery and  You can keep it anywhere very easily where you want to operate devices like a TV or laptop. The weight of the generator is light as well.

Capacity of portable generator

The capacity of ‘SR Portable Solar Generator’ is 130 watts. It has 2 AC connector ports, LI-ION battery pack, 100 Watt AC output, and a powerful LED light as well. If you are a camping freak then, you should consider buying this product. 

Price of SR Portable Solar Generator’

The price of the portable generator is around Rs 17,999. You can charge your iPhone 8 about 8 times with this. Its weight is 1.89 kg. It is a solar generator (14V-22V / 3A max).

As per specification, you can light LED bulbs for up to 25 hours once the device is fully charged. A table fan can operate for more than 2 hours with this. It can operate Smart LED TV for more than 3 hours.

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