Woman Brutally Stoned to Death in Pakistan’s Punjab for Alleged Adultery

New Delhi: In a chilling incident that highlights the grave issue of honor-based violence in Pakistan, a woman in her 20s was brutally stoned to death in the Rajanpur district of Punjab. The horrifying incident, which occurred on Friday, is a grim reminder of the ongoing struggle for women’s rights and safety in the country.

Brutal accusations and tragic end

The victim’s husband accused her of adultery, triggering a chain of events that led to this tragedy. On that fateful day, the woman was tied to a tree by her husband and two brothers. In a shocking act of brutality, they not only stoned her to death but also subjected her to severe torture before carrying out the gruesome act.

Fleeing the scene

Following the heinous crime, the brothers responsible for this appalling act fled the area. It is suspected that they are currently hiding in the border region between Punjab and Balochistan, according to the local police.

Perpetuating a grim trend

Tragically, this incident is not an isolated one. Pakistan continues to grapple with a deeply troubling pattern of honor killings, where women are murdered in the name of preserving family honor. Human rights activists have reported that approximately 1,000 women face such horrifying fates every year in Pakistan. These victims are often perceived as having dishonored their families by either marrying against their families’ wishes or engaging in relationships deemed inappropriate.

A heart-wrenching recent case

Just a few days ago, the nation mourned the loss of a 25-year-old female doctor who was fatally shot in Punjab’s Mianwali district. The motive behind this tragic incident was the doctor’s desire to marry her colleague, a decision her father strongly disapproved of. A week prior, her father confronted her at her clinic, leading to a heated argument. In a shocking turn of events, he pulled out a gun and opened fire, leaving her critically wounded. Despite efforts to save her, she succumbed to her injuries in a nearby hospital.

These heart-rending incidents underscore the urgent need for comprehensive measures to protect the rights and lives of women in Pakistan, as the nation grapples with a deeply entrenched culture of honor-based violence.

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